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Podcast #15: Arc Flash Safety

Podcasts are Q&A with Schneider Electric engineers and experts.

In This podcast are questions asked during the “Identifying Design Solutions for Optimum Arc Flash Safety” webinar hosted by Schneider Electric.

Questions answered in this Podcast are:

1. During the webcast, your slide shows an arc flash hazard category number. I understand that the standards have been revised and the numbered categories are gone. True?
2. Is there much arc flash concern on small, routine 400 amp building services operating at or below 480 volt three phase?
3. What is the best way to calculate Arc Flash hazard on large battery systems?
4. What should be done in a system where there is a UPS present? How should arc flash studies be done – in the normal mode? Or Bypass?
5. I am an Electrical Systems engineer for a large facility of over 300 buildings, and we operate as a utility taking in 69 kV and stepping it down to 16.5kV in our own subs. Who is responsible for the safety of all the sub-contractors working at our facility? Also, our available fault currents are always