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Podcast #7

Identifying Design Solutions for Optimum Arc Flash Safety

Podcasts are Q&A with Schneider Electric engineers and experts.

In This podcast are questions asked during the “Identifying Design Solutions for Optimum Arc Flash Safety” webinar hosted by Schneider Electric.

Questions answered in this Podcast are:

1. What is your interpretation of the two-second rule for allowing personnel to clear the incident location for a long clearing time arc flash incident?
2. How do you work on 40 cal/c2 when the work procedure states that the engine generator must be energized?
3. Please address options for using a fiber-optic connection between the Arc Flash maintenance switch at a remote 480V MCC and the protective relay located 2000 ft away.
4. Can you provide simplified (if that's possible!) calculations so that customers have a general idea of threat level?
5. I am in Bolivia, where there are no standards, what is your recommendation for convincing skeptical customers that arc flash is a real danger?