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Podcast #6

Identifying Design Solutions for Optimum Arc Flash Safety

Podcasts are Q&A with Schneider Electric engineers and experts.

In This podcast are questions asked during the “Identifying Design Solutions for Optimum Arc Flash Safety” webinar hosted by Schneider Electric.

Questions answered in this Podcast are:

1. Can you operate breakers in gear that are in its "normal" condition without PPE? NFPA 70E only applies to "energized" and "exposed" equipment/conductors.
2. How much NFPA 70E requirements for arc flash decrease operational costs? Is it possible to evaluate how safe installations are in the US?
3. Do 120/480V Industrial Control Panels need to be labeled with 70E data, for both new and existing buildings?
4. What is Schneider Electric’s position on existing equipment that is not arc rated? Does Schneider Electric feel that the equipment may not fully contain an arc flash, even with the dead front in place?
5. Seeing more and more integrated equipment in project designs, what are some of the critical design characteristics that must be considered for this type of equipment to address arc flash mitigation?