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Podcast #4

Identifying Design Solutions for Optimum Arc Flash Safety

Podcasts are Q&A with Schneider Electric engineers and experts.

In This podcast are questions asked during the “Identifying Design Solutions for Optimum Arc Flash Safety” webinar hosted by Schneider Electric.

Questions answered in this Podcast are:

1. How can we minimize the necessary PPE required through improved panel design?
2. What care to be taken while washing PPE suitable for arc flash protection?
3. What is the direct relationship between the potential energy calculation, HRC Level and PPE requirements?
4. What are your recommendations for overcoming hesitation of some staff members who are slightly resistant to using PPE due to the difficulty they say they have performing their job?
5.   How does arc resistant switchgear work? And how does one properly design for it?
6.    Can you explain "Glove Class”? And is it required to be displayed on the arc flash label?
7. What is the arc flash analysis incident energy calculation (Best Practices), mitigation including use of maintenance switch (Best Practices-location in scheme, function, visual indication and configuration status)?