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Podcast #3

Identifying Design Solutions for Optimum Arc Flash Safety

Podcasts are Q&A with Schneider Electric engineers and experts.

In This podcast are questions asked during the “Identifying Design Solutions for Optimum Arc Flash Safety” webinar hosted by Schneider Electric.

Questions answered in this Podcast are:

1. What are the PPE compliance requirements for employee and employer?
2. Has there been any less stringent requirements as far as arc flash labeling is concerned, if access to electrical switchgears are in dedicated electrical rooms that are only accessible to highly qualified electrical personnel?
3. What are labeling requirements for existing panels, especially those the general public may be exposed to when no analysis has been done?
4. When is it required to label an electrical panel and at what voltage is arc flash labeling not required?
5. If we use Arc Resistant Switchgear, we still need to do arc flash calculations and labeling?
6.   Are arc flash labels required or NFPA recommended?
7. Is there an advantage over labeling each piece of equipment vs labeling an area or facility?
8. If the Arc Flash level is specified (Arc Flash Boundary) on the label, does the person walking by the panel required to have the proper PPE, even if he is not doing any maintenance or having physical contact?
9. Is there a PPE requirement for simply observing exposed live electrical systems without work being performed? For example, when removing the cover on an electrical panel to conduct an infrared scan.