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      Fire and Gas System

      A Triconex fire and gas system detects abnormal situations such as fire or combustible/toxic gas and provides early warning and mitigation.

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    Your business relies on steady fire and gas protection

    For process operations, safety usually tops the priority list. Yet, effective life cycle management of fire- and gas-related risk in high-hazard industries is never easy. Standards keep changing, functional safety is complex, and demonstrating compliance has never been more demanding.
    • Reliable Fire and Gas Systems

      As the world’s leading process safety brand, Triconex solutions combine a comprehensive blend of safety-certified products with professional expertise. Schneider Electric is the world’s leading supplier of triple modular redundant (TMR) safety systems, with over 18,000 Triconex solutions operating safely for more than 1 billion hours.

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    • Benefits

      Provide SIL 3 F&G safety protection — Ensure fail-safe performance of controllers for energize-to-trip and de-energize-to-trip applications
      Maximize production output and asset uptime — Provide high-availability architecture, fault-tolerant operation, and online module replacement
      Deliver superior total value of ownership — Avoid spurious trips and detecting faults before they occur
      Reduce investment and life cycle costs — Use the same platform for multiple applications
      Extend asset operational life — Make online modifications and changes without halting operations
    • Advantages

      Designed and engineered for optimum flexibility — Wide range of form factors, termination options, centralized and distributed architecture
      Inherent diagnostics, redundancy management and error checking — No user programming required
      Continuous operation — High-availability fail-safe and fault-tolerant architecture, hot spare slot, online modifications, built-in changes, and module replacements
      Universal connectivity with all major process automation systems — Integrated, interfaced or separate options available
      Support for all applications — Emergency shutdown (ESD), fire and gas (F&G), burner management solutions (BMS), high-integrity pressure protection solutions (HIPPS), turbomachinery control (TMC)
    Industrial workers working on some equipment, water management, Industrial production.

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