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    Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC)

    Room-level perimeter cooling solutions for medium to large data centers and air economizer cooling for large data centers.

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Cooling challenges are unique to every individual data center and need to be monitored at the component level. It is vital that any cooling solution's functionality continues through all modes of data center operation and maintains temperatures and humidity within extremely tight tolerances while achieving higher densities and approving efficiency.
  • Solutions

    We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for virtually any cooling need in critical IT environments including network closets, server rooms, and data centers of all sizes. The precision cooling portfolio includes solutions that can be integrated at the room or building level while our room cooling products offer a wide range of options to enhance your designed application.
  • Value Proposition

    Our room air conditioner solutions provide increased energy efficiency and availability while remaining flexible enough to adapt to any data center environment. Our wide range of products meet the cooling requirements of every size data center from small (below 200 kW) to large (1MW+).
  • Differentiation

    Flexibility: Modular and tailored solutions for any application.
    Availability: Continuous operations to safeguard your business.
    Energy Savings: Technological excellence for efficient performance.

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Combining cutting-edge technology with energy efficiency and environmental sustainability is the basis of our room air conditioners, designed to offer a complete cooling solution for any IT environment. High energy efficiency, complete reliability, and total flexibility guarantee TCO reduction and the integration in Tier III and IV data centers and mission- critical installations. All the units are all-in-one for easy design and installation, and completely configurable to guarantee use in multiple applications and environmental conditions for a continuous and quiet operation.


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    • Active response control monitors and actively adjusts cooling capacity to ensure proper server inlet temperatures 
    • Multi-functional Microprocessor Controller offers user friendly navigation with icon based displays to indicate unit status, mode of operation and room conditions
    • Integral group control provides room level redundancy with up to 10 units operating together
    • Network interface provides remote management by a dedicated IP address, or communicating via multiple BMS protocols
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    • Direct drive motors eliminates stress on bearings, increasing useful life 
    • Electronically Commutated Fans provide the highest efficiency and reduce total power consumption 
    • Access panels allow for all serviceable components to be easily replaced or maintained 
    • Single points of failure in the system have redundant components to maintain availability and reliability 
    • Tandem compressors offer quiet and efficient operation with staged capacity control
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    • Electronic expansion valve optimizes refrigerant flow at any load and temperature conditions
    • Economization achieved by utilizing cool ambient air during winter months to reduce compressor operating hours
    • Automatic Floor Pressurization System ensures stable airflow pressurization under floor regardless of changes made above the floor
    • Optimized management connection between the Computer Room Air Conditioners and the Chillers improves energy efficiency