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      Building Systems

      Building Management for Small and Medium Buildings

      EcoStruxure™ Building Expert (formerly SmartStruxure™ Lite) provides anytime, anywhere access to building information on a simple user interface. Building automation isn't just for large buildings anymore.

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    Facility managers need a solution that reduces waste, improves comfort, and delivers quick ROI

    Under-performing building systems impact energy consumption, environmental quality, and contribute to the high cost of building maintenance. Large building management technology can be expensive or too complex for buildings with a smaller footprint...until now.
    • Our Solutions

      Here's How We Can Help

      EcoStruxure™ Building Expert (formerly SmartStruxure™ Lite) solution has leveled the building management system (BMS) playing field with an affordable solution designed specifically for buildings with a smaller footprint. Easy to install with minimal interruption to your daily operations, EcoStruxure Building Expert delivers immediate energy savings without compromising on comfort. Finally, smaller buildings can enjoy the same technologies found in large-scale buildings at a fraction of the cost.

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    • What You Get

      • Low total cost of ownership, with real-time building systems performance and energy management
      • Easy installation via wired or wireless network options that enable fast deployment and won’t disrupt your building occupants and operations
      • Simplified and scalable open architecture for a future-proof investment
      • Remote control and access to all connected systems with flexible monitoring, control, and scheduling options
      • Customize alarms and alerts to minimize trouble tickets – and significantly boost your bottom line

      Scalable, future-proof architecture. Our open architecture provides wireless and wired connectivity based on industry standard communication protocols for integration with existing technologies and equipment, so your investment is protected.

      Access information anytime, anywhere. An easy to use web-based dashboard for access to information 24/7, customizable to fit your needs.

      Access to support. A national network of partners and branches to help customize, install, and service your ongoing facility needs.
    • How We're Different

      EcoStruxure Building Expert is an award-winning building management solution that offers a quick return on investment. Our industry-leading wireless technology reduces complexity and adds scalability for efficient building control. Built-in features enable data analyses for preventive measures today and tomorrow that help protect your bottom line.

    EcoStruxure™ Building Expert Benefits

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      Flexible to meet the unique needs of your building. Cost-effective with low installation costs and quick ROI.
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      Non-intrusive wireless technology for minimal disruption. Easy retrofit installation with no new wiring.
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      Efficient and tailored to your unique requirements. Scalable technology to future-proof your investment.
    • Albert at Bay Hotel Energy savings and guest comfort for years to come

      Read more about how this energy efficiency retrofit using EcoStruxure™ Building Expert (formerly SmartStruxure™ Lite) solution improves occupant comfort while saving energy.

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    • New Life for Aging Facilities 4 strategies for future-proofing older buildings

      This white paper explores 4 strategies for converting existing facilities into smart buildings that efficiently and cost-effectively address the current and future needs of demanding tenants.

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      EcoStruxure™ Building Expert

      Learn more about our award winning building management system software for small and medium size buildings.
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