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      Providing automatic means to optimize lighting based time, intensity and occupancy.

      Building Lighting Control and Design

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      Lighting can be responsible for about 35% of a typical building’s electricity use. Much of it is wasted due to poor lighting design, inefficient lighting equipment, and poor controls. And, the additional heat gain resulting from poor lighting design increases a building’s cooling load, causing further electricity usage.
      • Solutions

        Lighting control provides automatic means to optimize lighting based on three main variables – time, intensity and occupancy. Lighting control can range from very small solutions, to very sophisticated, customized and flexible solutions.
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      Integrated control features include: occupancy detection, dimming, daylight linking, scene-setting and blind control.


      • Tall modern glass buildings
        • Lighting control is one of the easiest ways to save energy costs
      • Modern office, smart building, sustainability consulting.
        • An effective lighting control solution can easily save up to 50% on electricity bills compared to traditional means