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    Turbomachinery control solutions for power industry

    Obtain generator control solutions including power control and automatic voltage regulation (AVR)

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Turbomachinery control solutions for power industry

Since overall production and safety are tied to a plant’s turbomachinery, it often represents the most critical capital equipment investment. Unplanned outages or failures incur significant cost in terms of lost production and repair; therefore enhancing TMC performance improves production capability and overall profitability.
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    With solutions and services for the fossil, hydro, and nuclear power market, Schneider Electric addresses all power configurations and needs for small to large reheat turbines. With more than four decades of experience, we have developed control solutions for general purpose and critical applications to boost safety and efficiency.

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  • Solution features

    Generator Controls - control for megawatt, speed droop, isochronous, voltage, power factor and MegaVar. We also offer over-temperature limiting, excitation limiting, load sharing, and load shedding.
    Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) - AVR solutions include voltage and current control, voltage matching with “soft start,” and bus voltage matching for synchronizing.
    Steam and Gas Turbine Control - Integrated sequences and controls provide seamless steam header control and machinery protection for generators. We also provide control strategies for reheat steam turbines.
  • Benefits

    • Protects critical assets from operation interruption and damage
    • Enhances productivity and lifecycle of critical assets such as steam turbines and generators
    • Enables performance monitoring
    • Enables improved Asset Management
    • Enables high speed event recording

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