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    Turbomachinery control solutions for Oil & Gas

    Receive comprehensive compressor control solutions including anti-surge, performance, and load sharing

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Turbomachinery control solutions for Oil & Gas

A plant’s most critical capital investment, turbine upgrades advance both performance and safety. Unplanned downtime, however, can incur significant costs in lost production and repair. Our highly reliable turbomachinery controls (TMCs) protect turbine assets and enhance productivity, safety and life cycle operations.
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    Schneider Electric offers a comprehensive suite of flexible TMC solutions and services. Over four decades, our global experts have enhanced oil and gas operations of all sizes with TriconexTM critical control platforms, and general purpose redundant and simplex ModiconTM platforms.

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  • Solution features

    Surge control - to protect compressors from surging, we integrate advanced algorithms with complementary process automation strategies
    Compressor performance control - to meet process demands while maintaining operational limits, we offer efficient loading control
    Decoupling control - to balance performance and surge control for optimal efficiency, we provide excellent decoupling control
    Steam and gas turbine control; motor driver control - to provide seamless steam header control and machinery protection, we offer exceptional integrated controls
  • Benefits

    • Reduce Critical Compressor inefficiencies and poor performance
    • Lowers risk of process disruption
    • Reduces risk of catastrophic compressor failures
    • Easy to follow control logic with intermediate results available in real-time