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    Optimized Solutions for Packaging Machines

    Packaging Machine Automation

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Schneider Electric™ is one of the world’s leading automation solution providers for packaging machinery. MachineStruxure™ solution delivers an innovative state-of-the-art technology along with a wide range of services for solving the critical issues faced by both builders of packaging machinery and the consumer goods industry.

One partner to meet all of your needs

Reduce costs for engineering, commissioning, and integration in production lines 

Cost reduction is a critical competitive factor. Costs such as engineering and commissioning expenses, are constantly under close scrutiny by packaging machine builders, while the consumer goods industry focuses on costs for procurement, production line integration, energy consumption, service, and maintenance.

Reduce your time to market for packaging machines

Fast moving trends are forcing the consumer goods industry to reduce the time interval between the design of a product and delivery to the point of sale. Packaging is a dominant element in many new product designs. Making new packaging machines available quickly is the key to maintaining a short time to market for consumer products – and is a decisive factor in the competition between builders of packaging machinery.

Maximize machine availability 

Packaging machines are a vital part of the production process in the consumer goods industry. They often work in multi-shift operation, and any malfunctions have to be repaired quickly. Proven automation technology provides clear diagnostic and service strategies, and a partner with a global presence can offer prompt on-site support.

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One partner to meet all of your needs

Discover high production speed, fully automated changeover, easy customization at very low cost.

Why work with Schneider Electric

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    OEM Knowledge Base – dedicated support for your success

    Providing expert project management skills to you and your company is one of the OEM Technology and Solutions Center’s greatest values.

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    Engineered Panel Solutions

    Expand your engineering services without additional cost through the OEM Technology and Solutions Center. Schneider Electric offers its Engineered Panel Solutions business line, providing original equipment panel design and manufacturing process services for application-based solutions.


  • SE Default icon The upscale PacDrive 3 packaging solution for complete packaging lines provides high performance and flexibility through high production speed, fully automated changeover, easy customization at very low cost.
  • SE Default icon Improve operator efficiency and machine performance with Magelis HMI solutions.
  • SE Default icon MachineStruxure, an intuitive machine automation solution that reduces your time to market, improves your bottom line and performance of your packaging machines.