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    • large metal working facility
      Complete crane control solutions ranging from operator control to fully automated systems.

      Special overhead cranes

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      Semi- and fully automated cranes. An extensive hoisting function library with special functions, such as anti-sway features. Minimized cabling. Preemptive maintenance and remote monitoring. Global support and spare parts availability.
      large metal working facility

      Special overhead crane control solutions

      Smart automation solutions for industrial crane applications.


      • Default Alternative Text Usage of variable-speed drives prevents overheating of the motors while reducing energy consumption.
      • Default Alternative Text Tested, validated and documented architectures ensuring functionality. Design made easy through wiring diagrams and bill of materials.
      • Green laptop icon Crane templates: Ready-to-run software that includes our library of hoisting functions compatible to hoisting architectures, plus HMI.
      • Default Alternative Text Extensive hoisting function library made for cranes, including all requirements of a modern crane system plus advanced functionality, such as anti-sway.
      • Default Alternative Text Global onsite support in virtually any language. From design to build completion, and from operation to improvements, Schneider Electric is always with you.
      • Default Alternative Text Our hoisting solutions are compliant to the ISO EN 13849-1, which is easy to certify, protecting people and goods.