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    The next generation control system for a digitized and energy-aware plant.

    Hybrid process automation solutions

  • Water Desalination Plant

    Discover how EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS helps you manage your water desalination process in a way that is easier, smarter, and more energy-efficient.

  • Dairy Plant

    See how EcoStruxure™ Hybrid DCS (formerly known as PlantStruxure PES) helps you manage your dairy process in a way that is easier, smarter, and more energy-efficient.

  • Cement Plant

    See how EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS you manage your cement process in a way that is easier, smarter, and more energy-efficient.

  • An innovative Control System

    Jean-Pascal Tricoire is excited to introduce PlantStruxure Process Expert System to help make your facility more energy and operationally efficient.

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    There was a time when every company leader had one question at the top of their agenda: how to produce and sell more? But times have changed, and so has the question. Today, you need to know how to deliver more while consuming less energy, less raw materials, less CapEx and less OpEx.

    Value Proposition

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      Can’t choose between PLC/SCADA or DCS? Now you don’t have to.

      Our DCS for hybrid industries including Food & Beverage, Water, Cement and Metals & Mining, the system combines energy and process data in one platform, providing a consistent, real-time control and operational interface.

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      The innovative control system designed for the reality of modern day production.

      Digitize your plant to deliver key system data right to your engineers’ fingertips Accelerate time to market with increased standardization that reduces engineering time by up to 25% Bring intelligence to your operations with system-wide cross references that help improve production-related decisions


    • Default Alternative Text PlantStruxure PES delivers a single software environment for plant design, operation, and maintenance, which makes your automation system easier to use.
    • Default Alternative Text PlantStruxure PES is supported at every stage of your plant’s lifecycle through a suite of comprehensive services delivered by our support centres around the world.
    • Default Alternative Text PlantStruxure PES automates Active Energy Management into your process by combining energy and process data into one system.
    • Default Alternative Text Strong integration between core PlantStruxure PES components allows developers to configure quickly, while concurrent engineering capabilities allow development workload to be shared among your teams.
    • Default Alternative Text PlantStruxure PES reduces the time, cost, and risk involved in developing your project, with pre-defined and extendable object libraries for specific applications and markets.
    • Default Alternative Text With PlantStruxure PES, the right person gets the right information at the right time, so they can diagnose and solve problems faster.