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    Packaging Automation Solutions

    Effective automation of packaging machines of all kinds and at every level of complexity

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  • Packaging eBook Future-proof your packaging systems

    Learn how the right automation systems can now offer cutting-edge packaging solutions

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  • Case Study - Highlight Industries Packaging OEM Expands Machine Features While Reducing Costs

    To optimize its machine performance, Highlight Industries partnered with Schneider Electric to provide a variety of components. As a result, Highlight Industries saves 25% per panel due to lower-cost components and reduced labor to build and design.

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  • Case Study - Axon Increasing speed and reliability in packaging machines

    As a designer of the machines that apply the glossy, high-impact sleeve labels to leading consumer products, Axon Corporation understands that technology leadership requires relentless, aggressive innovation.

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  • Automating packaging machines with Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric, the world’s top company for the automation of packaging machinery, used its MachineStruxure solution to demonstrate its full range of offerings for the efficient and effective automation of packaging machines at every level of complexity.

  • Your number one partner for packaging automation

    More than 100.000 packaging machines worldwide are automated with Schneider Electric products & solutions!


    Fast-moving trends are forcing the ,consumer goods industry to reduce the time from product design and delivery to the point of sale. Therefore, packaging machines need to decrease time to market while offering easier integration. Packaging machine builders require technologies and partners to develop and build sophisticated machinery - even under these conditions.
    • Fallas finds success with Schneider Electric Jacob Cox, Controls Engineering Director at Fallas Automation, shares where he sees the industry going over the next 10 years and how Schneider Electric will help his company get there.
    • Axon finds success with Schneider Electric Valorie Bulduc, Western Regional Sales Manager at Axon shares why she prefers selling machines with Schneider Electric equipment.
    • Delta Systems finds success with Schneider Electric Liam Buckley, Sales Director at Delta Systems, discusses trends in the industry and how Schneider Electric is helping his company be dynamic in the face of industry changes.
    • PE Labellers finds success with Schneider Electric Michael Meyer, Regional Sales Manager at PE Labbellers, discusses new technologies, trends in the industry and how Schneider Electric is helping PE Labellers differentiate itself in the market.
    • DEL Packaging finds success with Schneider Electric President Michael Mylius of DEL Packaging discusses how Schneider Electric innovation supports his company’s latest offering.
    • Poly Pack finds success with Schneider Electric Emmanuel Cerf, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Poly Pack discusses changing trends packaging to meet customer needs.
    • M-TEK finds success with Schneider Electric Norm Buggele, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer discusses his company’s relationship with Schneider Electric.
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