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      Ultimate Energy Flexibility with Efficient, Resilient, and Green Microgrid Solutions

      Energy users are quickly realizing the importance of local energy generation and managing renewable energy resources efficiently. Severe storms, power outages, aging energy infrastructure and rising costs have created a period of energy uncertainty. In today’s high-tech world, our prosperity and well-being depend on an uninterrupted flow of low-cost electricity.

      Thankfully, the introduction of microgrids is shifting control of our electricity system to the end user, making it more decentralized and democratic. These solutions are providing large electricity consumers with energy independence, where power is more reliable and storm-resilient.

      And while it’s critical to have back-up generation when the central grid fails, there are also many other benefits that come with microgrids and distributed energy generation.

      Where Our Schneider Electric Microgrid Solutions Excel


      With our custom solutions, flexible approach and proven expertise, we deliver advanced microgrids that offer the advantages of grid independence – without forfeiting the benefits of being part of the central grid. With Schneider Electric, you gain not only 24/7/365 power, but also energy management capabilities previously only affordable to big power producers and distributors.