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      Energy Trends

      Return On Investment

      Energy and economic trends are rapidly reducing payback time for microgrid investments.

      Microgrid Benefits Outweigh Costs

      • Default Alternative Text Gain Benefits Save by reducing energy needs. Put money back in your pocket.
      • Default Alternative Text Avoid Costs Reduce upfront project charges (CAPEX) and operating costs (OPEX).

      Economic Benefits Rapidly Reducing Payback Time for Microgrids

      All capital investments require rigorous cost-benefit analysis to determine whether the investment is sound. Microgrids are no different. On the cost side, there is the upfront investment and the ongoing cost of operation and maintenance. On the benefit side, there is cost reduction plus income. Energy and economic trends are rapidly reducing payback time for microgrid investments. Clients with sufficient distributed energy resources can even achieve net zero generation where they self generate as much energy as they consume from the central utility grid. Factors are different in every situation and vary by geography, existing operational costs, and the value of continuity for the enterprise.

      Avoid these costs with Microgrids

      • Default Alternative Text Electric Consumption - Reduced KWH due to DERs.
      • Default Alternative Text Fuel Consumption - Reduced BTU due to renewables.
      • Default Alternative Text Peak Demand Charges - Reduced KWH due to DERs and demand side management.
      • Default Alternative Text Outage Cost - Operating revenue, process scrap, mission critical impact.
      • Default Alternative Text Risk Management - Assurance of continuity, buffer from fuel price fluctuation.