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    Water Network Management

    Innovative Smart Water Solutions to improve the efficiency, longevity, and reliability of network infrastructure through collecting and enabling actionable data to optimize your operation.

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    City of Toronto

    The city of Toronto implements best practices and increases productivity with Avantis.

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    Monitoring and Control

    Our monitoring and control solutions empower you to make better decisions to manage information, workforce, power, quality and energy. Customizable, to fit your operations’ every need, allowing you to stay in control of every step of the process.

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    Solutions & Benefits

    Scalable solution, bringing in option-redundant SCADA servers, dual ring topology, and dual attachment of control level stations.

    > Be more informed when managing information

    > Improve quality without increasing energy use

    > Real-time decision making

    > Peace of mind knowing your processes are running smoothly

    • Ontario Clean Water Agency

      Just as water is always in motion, so is the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA). Since 1993 OCWA has operated in a competitive market, and each day produces over 700 million liters of drinking water and treats about 1.2 billion liters of wastewater at 502 facilities all across Ontario.

    Data Management

    Enable smarter business decisions with enterprise data access to high-fidelity data generated by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The Schneider Electric solution is the first to combine high-speed data acquisition and storage system, with a traditional relational database management system.

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    Solutions & Benefits

    Store process / energy data as well as alarm/event history collected from SCADA and other relevant systems, 24/7 to ensure that nothing is lost in transmission.

    > Manage historic data storage performance

    > Efficient data analysis and reporting, enabling mobility

    > Make smarter business decisions

    Network Management and Optimization Solution

    Solutions that expand your water distribution network SCADA capabilities and put distribution network in control.

    Reservoir water pipeline into Mumbai city, India

    Solutions & Benefits

    Schneider Electric network management solutions forecast the behavior of the distribution network and anticipate the impact of planned and unplanned events before they happen.

    > Improves service and reduces operating costs

    > More than 30 years of proven experience in network management

    > Return on investment in less than 18 months

    > Reduces interruption times, faster information to end user

    > Reduces operation and maintenance risks

    • Kalundborg Forsyning

      Aquis software provided optimized knowledge sharing and improved customer service for Kalundborg, Denmark.

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    • VandCenter Syd (VCS) Odense

      VandCenterSyd, one of Denmark’s largest water management companies, replaced its manually created, static simulation model 10 years ago with a dynamic solution based on real-time data — the Aquis simulation program.

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    • Ølgod Tekniske Værker

      Ølgod selected Aquis and now obtains accurate, timely information on water pressure, flow and direction in the network.

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      Water Loss Management

      A software application helping water utilities to efficiently manage leakage on their water distribution network.

      Close-Up Of Water Fountain On Street In City

      Solutions & Benefits

      Integration of customer systems into a unique platform for leakage calculation, active leakage control and reporting.

      > Reduction of awareness time for detection of anomalies

      > Identification of critical zones / processes

      > Reduction in the cost of leak detection

      > Minimization of impacts on customer

      > Faster decision making process

      > Easier regulatory compliance

      • Anglian Water

        When one of the United Kingdom's largest water and wastewater suppliers needed to update its aging telemetry infrastructure they turned to Schneider Electric to help rewrite the book on how to "change the heart" of their monitoring system while keeping the water flowing.

      Energy Management

      A software solution that will scale as your needs change – and accompanying services to ensure you get the most out of your software.

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      Solutions & Benefits

      Schneider Electric provides energy management for water networks by Resource Advisor. Resource Advisor collects, manages and displays energy and sustainability data across Water and Wastewater infrastructure.

      > Energy and sustainability data across the facilities

      > Benchmark site performance

      > Identify non-optimized facilities

      > Prioritize energy efficiency projects

      • Corporate energy and sustainability management

        Discover how a cloud platform can collect and aggregate corporate data for analysis, enabling efficiency and reduced costs.

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      Asset Performance Management Solution

      Exceed reliability, safety and performance goals. Our platform encompasses enterprise data capture and analysis coupled with actions and optimization for proactive maintenance execution.

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      Solutions & Benefits

      Our integrated approach enables a truly open and comprehensive platform, based on 4 pillars : Connect / Collect / Analyze / Act.

      > Improve asset performance

      > Increase reliability and reduce unscheduled downtime

      > Increase asset utilization and extend equipment life

      > Reduce operations and maintenance costs

      EcoStruxure Success Stories

      • City of Toronto

        City of Toronto implements best practices and increases productivity with Avantis.

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