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    Distribution network visualization, optimization, and forecasting.

    Water Network Optimization Solutions

    Taking water network operation control beyond SCADA.

Water leaking from a joint between two large pipes, water management.


The need for better control of the water network

A top priority for utilities is ensuring consumer access to a high-quality and sufficient water supply. With the decrease in available water supply, utilities must be more efficient in the way they manage their water networks. Traditional SCADAs are usually leveraged to manage the whole network; however, these systems are limited to point data that does not provide the full visibility water operators need to understand the total network infrastructure. To get the full visibility to make operational decisions typically entails reliance on external departments, which is not efficient for critical situations requiring quick operator reaction time and decisions.

  • Solutions

    Water Network Optimization turns SCADA into a powerful operation and decision-making tool for water utilities by bringing together SCADA and hydraulic engineer technologies within a single application designed for operations.
  • Value Proposition

    • Predictive verses reactive activities
    • Objective analysis of operation alternatives
    • Faster responses with decision-making tools
    • Reduced consumption of energy and resources
    • Operator friendly interface integrated with SCADA
    • Reduced lifecycle costs
  • Differentiation

    • Leader in Smart Water technologies
    • Proven benefits, technology and architecture
    • Accurate, reliable, and secure systems
    • Team experienced in energy, automation and process
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Water Network Optimization Solutions ...