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      Save Energy | Increase Efficiency | Reduce Lifecycle Costs

      Utility Management Solutions

      Enabling up to 30% savings in energy consumption, 25% increase in operation efficiency and 20% reduction in the total cost of ownership

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      Reduce Operational Expenses
      Leverage Big Data for business intelligence
      Choose the right technologies to maximize Return on Investment
      Adopt technology intuitive to Today's Workforce
      Integrate Islands of Technology to increase productivity
      • Solutions

        Schneider Electric solutions enable water and wastewater utilities to deliver secure and reliable operations, meet regulatory compliance, manage operational performance and control costs.

      • Value Proposition

        • Actionable intelligence for operations and management
        • Predictive verses reactive activities
        • Optimal utilization of assets
        • Reduced consumption of resources
        • Lower lifecycle costs
        • Ease of use solutions tailored to user
      • Differentiation

        • Recognized industry leader in Smart Water technology
        • Innovative advanced water industry specific solutions
        • Most comprehensive set of tools, technologies, and experience
        • Accurate, reliable, and secure systems
        • Team experienced in Energy and Process
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      Schneider Electric is the global leader in software solutions for water and wastewater. Our advanced solutions make vital information continuously available – from treatment operations and maintenance; to billing and customer service. With network intelligence that enables automated operations and supports business decision making, the utility makes the most of its resources, optimizes efficiency and cost savings, and enhances service quality – all while complying with regulatory requirements.