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    • Oil pipeline, large valve on pipes, oil and gas.
      Solutions for remote Oil & Gas pipeline operations

      Field Devices for Measurement & Instrumentation

      Foxboro Field Devices Solutions

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    Measurement Solutions

    Foxboro Field Devices offerings are chosen for the most demanding oil & gas applications that require pressure, temperature, flow, level, liquid analytical and valve positioner high-performance measurements. Foxboro Field Devices offer high accuracy, long-term stability and field-proven robustness in the toughest oil & gas applications and are shaped by more than 100 years of experience and backed by the longest standard and optional warranties in the industry.

    • Solutions

      Foxboro Field Devices are an important choice for facilities that need to reduce operating costs, increase profits, & improve reliability. We provide unique solutions that make major differences in critical oil & gas applications.

    • Value Proposition

      Business Value

      • Measureable Real-Time Results
      • Actionable information
      • Operational Excellence
      • Low cost deployment and lower cost of operation
      • Easy to install and use
    • Differentiation

      • Unmatched asset lifetimes
      • Best-in-class performance
      • Superior savings and value
      • Compatibility with existing instrumentation
      • Outstanding ease of use
      • Longest warranties
      • Lowest cost of ownership
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      Gas Flow

      The Foxboro pressure delivers accurate, affordable, measurement of gas flow rates.

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      Flow Measurement Solutions

      Foxboro vortex flowmeters, durable solutions for flow rate measurement

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      Versatile Selection

      Solutions for temperature, pressure, flow, level, liquid analytical, & valve positioner applications