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    • Workers in control room of gas plant, sustainability consulting

      Operator Training and Simulation

      Cement factory at night, cement production.

      Train and Retain

      Attracting young professionals to fill the talent gap created by an aging workforce requires new and innovative solutions for knowledge management and transfer. It is also necessary to find ways to empower and motivate existing employees.
      • Solutions

        • High Fidelity Operator Training Simulation provides a platform that mimics the real mineral processing plant and uses the same control system and operator graphics as in the real plant to provide the most realistic training experience possible.
        • Immersive Virtual Reality provides a life-like 3D environment for training, testing, and process simulation. It also allows training and simulation of plant safety procedures, even for remote or hard to access locations.
      • Value Proposition

        Operators can learn more in minutes in a simulated training environment than in hours of lecture instruction, and it can also be used for training throughout the entire plant life-cycle:

        • Engineering and Design
        • Control Checkout
        • Operations Training
        • Maintenance and Safety Training
      • Differentiation

        • Scalable, from equipment training to an entire plant walk-through.
        • Completely developed and supported by Schneider Electric, allowing the solution to be customized according to user needs.


      • Man with light attached to hard hat  and overalls smiling straight ahead, system integration
        Life-like training environment for optimized content retention
        Trains personnel to react quickly and correctly under stressful situations
      • Gas drilling installation, oil and gas, mining industry
        Learn and practice skills for rarely-performed, but critical, safety-related tasks such as emergency shutdowns
        Optimize the transfer of skills from “off-line” training environments to the work environment
      • Cement factory at night, cement production.
        Reliable and accurate evaluation of operational procedures and individual operator performance
        Maximize team training and communications, in the control room and field; by shift and by operations management