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    • mining facility, mining industry


      A goods train transporting raw minerals, mining industry, industrial production

      Optimized operation from resource to market

      Mining operations can’t afford to focus just on the performance of each individual process, they need to optimize the entire mining supply chain – because a problem in one area will propagate throughout the entire chain.
      • Solutions

        The Integrated Planning and Optimization Solution from Schneider Electric meets the ever-changing challenges of mining and delivers a comprehensive strategy to achieve the best results across the entire supply chain: 

        • Advanced Planning & Scheduling Plant 
        • Asset Performance 
        • Consumable, Energy and Water Management 
        • Quality Control 
        • Inventory Management 
        • Commodity Trading and Risk Management
      • Value Proposition

        Our integrated solution makes the most of your resources through:
        Planning and scheduling that optimize the resource-to-market chain (local plans are driven by the global plan, not vice versa) Making production, asset, and process performance more reliable Allowing better decision-making through reliable and timely information Better cost control and environmental performance by reducing excess energy and water usage
      • Differentiation

        A single supplier who delivers a complete, integrated solution across the value chain Validated and standardized upon by the top mining companies in the world Solutions specifically designed for mining applications Completely scalable, from a single area to the entire mine, and from small to global operations


      • Plant with berries (2), cement production, mining industry
        Achieve production targets
        Identify forecast demand
        Ensure operational planning is coordinated with shipping and mining planning
      • Gas drilling installation, oil and gas, mining industry
        Identify risks and constraints
        Understand equipment and operator availability
        Identify and correct performance issues before they happen
      • Coal worker with handful of coal, mining industry, mineral processing
        Quantify feed and product inventories
        Move the right material in the right sequence
        Minimize rail/ port penalties and maximize logistics throughput