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      Information Management

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      Make informed decisions

      Mining operations are composed of a myriad of systems and business applications, most of which are disconnected, manually integrated, or generate poor or excessive data.
      The main challenge today is to have a single version of the truth and to transform data into meaningful information that allows informed decision-making.
      • Solutions

        Our Mining Production Management software intelligently captures data on process events and helps you quantify their impact and diagnose root causes. With a modular approach, functionality can be added incrementally to support continuous improvement programs without upsetting existing operations. Asset Performance, Plant Metrics, Inventory, Energy, Maintenance, Planning, Cost.
      • Value Proposition

        Schneider Electric Plant Management software connects to multiple plant and business systems, capturing relevant data and providing it as easy-to-understand, real-time intelligence for analysis.

        You can readily identify performance issues, view real production costs, and automatically calculate your business KPIs – all without needing a database or business intelligence expert on staff.
      • Differentiation

        The scalable platform lets you grow according to your needs and budget, from basic KPIs to entire supply chain optimization

        • Ease of integration enables standard integration to support Mining, Minerals,and Metals applications, including Business Systems, Laboratory Information Systems, and Weather Services
        • The consistent user experience lets you quickly learn new elements of the software suite and shortens the lets you achieve your return on investment faster


      • Cement factory at night, cement production.
        Improved production visibility
        Increased operational efficiency across your plant
        Easily compare actual performance against targets
      • Gas drilling installation, oil and gas, mining industry
        Informed decision-making from critical KPIs such as OEE, yield, and energy consumption
        Improved equipment performance and reduced unplanned downtime
      • Coal worker with handful of coal, mining industry, mineral processing
        Accurate overview of your plant’s inputs and outputs
        Manage and track movement of your inventory and materials