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    • Inside the manufacturing plant for soda beverages, food and beverage.


    Male worker on the computer on the manufacturing floor using facility management software.


    To survive and prosper in a difficult environment, soft drink and beer producers look to improve their operations' visibility, velocity and variability, throughout the manufacturing value chain.

    • Solutions

      Strive for zero waste, while increasing the flexibility on your plant floor.
    • Value Proposition

      Increase delivery reliability for superior-quality products, with best‑in‑class productivity and environmental leadership.
    • Differentiation

      - Wonderware, the leading manufacturing software for the food and beverage industry.
      - Pack drive, a leading specialist in packaging automation.
      - Modicon, the inventor of PLC.
      - Global delivery capacity, and a strong ecosystem of partners.

    Food and beverage manufacturing facility, machine control, distribution management.

    Manufacturing Efficiency-Related Offering

    We combine into a single architecture the best of process automation, machine automation and software designed specifically for the Food and Beverage and Consumer Packaged Goods industries to deliver a unique user experience helping to reach operational efficiency


    • Glass bottles in production in a beverage manufacturing plant, food and beverage.
      Manage a growing number of SKUs
    • Bottling facility, food and beverage.
      Improve packaging line efficiency
    • Food and beverage manufacturing facility, distribution management, machine control.
      Reduce material loss
    • Computer data recording latest testing on the manufacturing floor inside a water beverage plant.
      Improve energy and water effectiveness 
    • Inside of a bottle facility, food and beverage, manufacturing execution system.
      Reduce inventory value
    • Brewing facility, manufacturing execution system, food and beverage.
      Reduce labor costs