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    Process & Machine Room Management

    Ensure availability of servers, protect critical IT data/applications, and optimize energy costs.

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      Solutions for Federal Government Facilities

      Meet your responsibilities to mission, mandates and taxpayers with Schneider Electric intelligent infrastructure solutions
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      Strategies for Reducing Industrial Process Energy Waste in Federal Facilities

      Over 5% of the 3.35 Billion square foot US federal government building footprint consists of “industrial facilities” used for production or manufacturing. These facilities are often inefficient and waste energy. The inherent energy-related process problems are fixable and solutions are affordable. However, a pragmatic approach must be adopted to address the cultural,technical, and financial challenges. This paper reviews proven strategies for overcoming these obstacles.
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      Leveraging Performance Contracts to Reduce Process Energy Use in Federal Facilities

      Some 80% of energy consumed in industrial facilities on U.S. federal government campuses is related to production processes. Although proven techniques to reduce process-related energy use are available,appropriated funding usually is not. This paper explain show to leverage energy savings performance contracts(ESPCs) for industrial processes in order to realize guaranteed energy savings with no up-front capital investment.
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      How Test Labs Reduce Cyber Security Threats to Industrial Control Systems

      Federal agencies are moving their industrial control systems (ICS) from operational business networks to separate, dedicated networks in order to enhance security. However, without a system to test the new equipment and software coming into these separate networks, security risks will persist. This paper explores the impact on security of instituting a sanctioned ICS test lab and recommends best practices for setting up and operating these labs.