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    Substation Automation Solutions

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Interoperability : Dealing with multiple vendors, legacy communication protocols, electromechanical relays and old equipment.
System / Network Architecture (LAN) : Transition from serial based networks to ethernet LAN networks.
Cyber Security Compliance : With the use of routable protocols (ethernet) substations are subject to NERC-CIP compliance for remote access.
Non Operation Data Acquisition : 5% of the available data in the substation is needed for operation.
User Interface : Friendly and easy to use HMI.
  • Solutions

    PACiS is the latest generation of energy automation solutions for Automation, Protection and Control of the electrical substations. In order to optimize the assets in a rapidly changing environment, the PACiS solutions contribute to energy efficiency and security. Based on the latest technologies, it offers powerful and fast automation to reduce outages, manage electrical network balance and optimize the energy availability in many electrical applications worldwide.
  • Value Proposition

    Scalable solution : PACiS is a scalable solution in terms of its functions, architecture and services thereby enabling the right investment at the right time while making full use of existing resources.
    Higher Standardization Level : PACiS provides smooth migration to new communication standards such as Ethernet TCP/IP, IEC 61850. Beyond its pure communication features, PACiS helps with offering standard elements such as standard bays – a key rationale for the optimization of medium term investments. Similarly, the ability to increase system availability through 24/7 maintenance is a major contribution to a higher standard for energy automation.
    Dedicated to Energy Automation: PACiS is a scalable and customizable solution dedicated to energy automation. As part of the substation automation offer, PACiS is offering a global solution for retrofit applications as well as new installations, permanently taking care of your specific constraints and demands.
    PACiS perfectly matches all architectures from the simplest substation to the most complex sites. With fast and secure automation using the latest standards and Ethernet IEC 61850 communication technology, it contributes to electrical network availability for the most demanding electrical applications.
  • Differentiation

    Data Federation & Communication : PACiS first key feature is to federate information coming from various sources in order to offer real added value. PACiS handles a large range of standard communication protocols used in substations and industrial plants such as IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5, and Modbus.
    Monitoring & Analysis : PACiS base function includes the monitoring, visualization and storage of any data collected by the system, either locally or remotely.
    Control : Controls are initiated by the operator (direct or select before operate) locally or remotely, and multiple checks are performed before activation of controls, making it fully secure (e.g.. Interlocking).
    Configuration : System configuration definition is an essential tool for the initial database design and also for the evolution of the system throughout its lifetime. PACiS System Configuration Editor (SCE) provides an extremely efficient way to create a database, thanks to its unique object-oriented approach.
    Administration : PACiS System Management Tool (SMT) is a tool for transparently downloading the databases to the devices. Up to two database (one active and one stand-by) can be managed by device. This contributes to minimize outages during a system extension or modification.