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    Smart Power Optimization

    Smart Power Optimization

    Voltage Control and Optimization

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Today’s electric utility faces a complex set of quality requirements, including thresholds for the minimum and maximum delivered voltage to the service delivery point and power factor correction to optimize the delivered power. However, there are a number of factors that directly impact the service quality, including conductor sizing, customer load characteristics and other transients, all of which create a dynamic condition that requires greater and more sophisticated monitoring and control to optimize the service.
  • Solutions

    By providing closed loop control of field assets, such as switchable capacitor banks and line regulators, utilities can ensure that voltage levels meet regulatory standards and optimize resources.  Schneider Electric provides sophisticated metering hardware that can monitor and report on voltage and power factor information anywhere along the feeder or at the end of line.  Our Remote Terminal Units (RTU's) can  control capacitor banks and line regulators that would operate based on algorithms that are stored locally with the the RTU or that are orchestrated by an Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS).
  • Value Proposition

    • Closed loop operation - ensures that elements are executed in a well orchestrated and coordinated manner.
    • Compliance with regulatory limits - measurement of real-time voltage (at end of line or other critical points in the network) maintains delivered voltage levels in accordance with industry specifications.
    • Integration with other Feeder Automation schemes- Voltage Optimization is an integral part of a holistic feeder management system that supports distributed generation and renewable generation assets.
    • Asset management - Operation of assets such as switching tap changers is coordinated with asset performance monitoring to help prolong field asset life.
  • Differentiation

    • A holistic solution that can leverage many of the utilities existing assets, such as switchable capacitor banks, line regulators with the addition of RTU's and supporting field communication.
    • The solution can operate in manner to provide Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) to respond to demand requirements, while maintaining minimum voltages at the low voltage points in the network.