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    Energy Profiler Online

    Cloud-based energy management, demand response, and customer engagement solution for electric utilities.

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Today’s tightly budgeted utilities are expected to do more with less. There is increased pressure to improve energy efficiency and achieve renewable portfolio standards. Grid stability must be maintained without significant capital expenditures — in a world of growing renewable power and consumer generation options. And there is added pressure to support city-led efficiency mandates. Ensuring customer satisfaction is more difficult as expectations grow. Unfortunately, many utility IT groups are not properly equipped or staffed to address these challenges.
  • Solutions

    Cloud-based energy management and demand response system connects you with your commercial and industrial customers to increase customer engagement and improve demand management. Long-term demand management can also be enhanced by showing you and your customers accurate, detailed energy usage data to identify cost savings opportunities, support government efficiency mandates, and improve reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • Value Proposition

    Allows both you and your customers to view accurate, detailed energy usage data, which can help identify cost savings opportunities and support participation in automated demand response programs. It also helps you to meet government energy efficiency mandates and easily manage peak demands - no installation required. What’s more, Energy Profiler Online's (EPO) accuracy and scalability make it an easy way to improve your power reliability and customer service - and its capabilities are continually updated and enhanced.
  • Differentiation

    • Integrated energy efficiency, customer engagement, and demand response solution
    • Cloud-based solution removes IT burden
    • Schneider Electric is solid financial, low-risk partner
    • Modular and price-elastic allowing you to start small and grow as your business requires
    • Can be branded to your utility’s offer to further enhance value for your end users


  • Aerial view of a New York City, smart city at night.
    • Identify opportunities to modify behaviors, helping to avoid peaks and save energy
    • Provide insight into where opportunities for energy reduction may reside within a facility’s operational activities
  • View of tall skyscrapers from below looking up, smart city.
    • Cost effectively automate and manage your demand response programs
    • Encourage customer participation in demand response programs through intuitive user experiences and automated demand response technologies
  • Aerial view of a smart city at night, smart buildings.
    • Reduce integration costs with utility and customer IT systems
    • Support energy efficiency programs through the Green Button and OpenADR 2.0 standards