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    Strategies, technology, services and analytics that support customer engagement and program management for utilities.

    Energy Efficiency Services

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Meet regulations, reduce costs and increase rebates and incentives participation across C & I customer base. Utilities are under more pressure than ever before. Regulations designed to fight climate change, increase revenue through rebates & incentives and energy data access mean strict new external energy benchmarking data needs and challenging energy efficiency goals. Utilities need a partner to help navigate these complex requirements and help design an energy efficiency program strategy that meets and exceeds goals.
  • Value Proposition

    Our utility experts work with end user clients daily to increase their own energy efficiency, as well as to develop and implement customer engagement programs that drive commercial and industrial client efficiency.  The result is lower emissions, increased rebates & incentives participation and transparent goals and road maps. We bring this same expertise and Voice of the Customer to utilities.
  • Differentiation

    As a true end to end solution provider, we leverage our deep knowledge of both utilities and their C&I customers to ensure maximum energy efficiency through a suite of technology and services.

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Learn about our services to increase utility and C & I customer energy efficiency.


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    Energy Data acquisition, analytics, modeling and third party benchmarking (Energy Star Portfolio Manager)
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    Operational energy management
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    Rebates and incentives program processing, benchmark reports and program engagement
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    Sustainability reporting, compliance assessments, renewable generation strategies
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    Virtual energy audits for customers, energy benchmarking across customers and energy efficiency initiatives recommendations with related rebates
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    Provide support to the utility to recommend and implement efficiency measures to C & I customers