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    Determines the costs and benefits of a growing DER base in a utility's area.

    Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Planning

    Determines the costs and benefits of a growing DER base in a utility's area.

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Distributed Generation can be a complex technical and economic issue. If you are looking to install distributed generation within an existing electric utility, there are many technical and economic issues that need to be addressed.  A comprehensive Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Plan consists of a study to determine the potential impact of the proposed Distributed Generation to the interconnected utility’s electrical power distribution system.
  • Solutions

    This Study will provide a broad review of the Utility's readiness for DER integration including regulatory, business, operational, and technical procedures and practices.
    • Examines the Utility's current interconnect standards and agreements
    • Reviews the current rates and tariffs related to Distributed Energy Resources
    • Reviews the current operational and business systems related to Distributed Energy Resources
    • Examines the current safety, engineering, design, and operational standards, procedures, and guidelines related to Distributed Energy Resources
  • Value Proposition

    The Schneider Electric study will identify gaps and make recommendations as necessary to ready the Utility’s system for the integration of future distributed energy resources.
  • Differentiation

    Utility Centric: An examination of the business, regulatory, and operational impacts of widespread DERs on the Utility's Distribution System. The Study will assess each of these areas with input and guidance from Utility and will make recommendations that may include changes to operational procedures, personnel, technical and safety training, and relay settings. It will also include recommendations on systems and communications needed to fully integrate DERs into the operations of the Utility.

    Customer Centric: An examination of the operational impacts of the Project on the interconnected circuit. Initial deliverables will consist of conceptual drawings of the proposed circuit interconnection configuration. Interconnect policy information, including electrical interconnect requirements and power purchase agreements, will need to discussed and approved by Utility. Final interconnect drawings and interconnect agreement will be produced for execution by the Customer and the Utility.