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  • Aerial view of a smart city at night, smart buildings.
    Expand network stability without having to expand infrastructure.

    Wiser Demand Management

    Expand network stability without having to expand infrastructure

Aerial view of a smart city at night, smart buildings.


Utilities need to increase grid reliability and operate more efficiently, engage customers in residential energy management, and turn complex usage data into actionable, sustainable insights.
  • Solutions

    Your single source to optimize, forecast, monitor, and control residential demand.
  • Value Proposition

    Wiser’s advanced demand management system harnesses Big Data analytics and open standards such as OpenADR and SEP. The Wiser DRMS is the cost-effective, cloud-based software for implementing and managing a wide range of power management programs such as direct load control, critical peak pricing, peak-time rebates, grid balancing, spinning reserves and demand bidding.
  • Differentiation

    By replacing a hodgepodge of proprietary, closed systems with a single, open-architecture based system, DRMS reduces the cost of implementing demand response services by 90 percent while increasing electrical yield by up to 30 percent. DRMS can be deployed on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis, not just during peak power emergencies, thereby dramatically expanding the scope, flexibility and usefulness of demand management initiatives. Highly scalable and secure, DRMS can be integrated into existing demand response systems or implemented as a complete turnkey solution for customers new to demand management.