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Choosing communication systems. Today, everything is connected. Elements, sensor and intelligent end devices can provide a wealth of information to provide greater intelligence for operational systems. The data provided can be used to rapidly and remotely assess conditions and to execute commands that can quickly improve or correct conditions. Communications systems are at the heart of intelligent grid operations.


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  • Solutions

    Schneider Electric understands the critical requirements that utilities have to effectively operate the electric infrastructure. As a result, we have developed packaged solution sets that include end devices and communications networks that have gone through the rigors of our Tested, Validated and Documented Architecture (TVDA) process. This program is focused on ensuring that the performance of the system configuration meets or exceeds customer requirements.The TVDA approach applies a field-repeatable rigor with comprehensive tests and simulations that simulate real-life conditions. Currently the following integrated solutions for feeder automation have undergone this process:
    • CISCO Connected Grid Router CGR 500 IR509U
    • Trio J-Series Radio (900MHz)
    • Trio J-Series Radio (2.4GHz)
    • Trio E-Series Radio
    • Maestro E200 Modem (GPRS/3G/4G)
    • Maestro M100 Modem (GPRS/3G)
    • Tait Radios (V23/Analog)
  • Value Proposition

    Schneider Electric’s investment in the TDVA process for Feeder Automation Configurations provides significant customer values:
    • Fully tested and integrated end to end solutions that include end devices, communication networks and operational systems that enable customers to quickly and reliably implement solutions.
    • A reference design establishes a baseline of performance that provides the basis for comparative assessment of alternate options.
    • Subject Matter Experts have working knowledge of commissioning end-to-end solutions and element configurations that can be leveraged for rapid implementation and problem resolution.
  • Differentiation

    Schneider Electric provides this solution with the assurance that one vendor is responsible and accountable to supporting them with these new and emerging automation schemes. We not only provide the products that deliver feeder automation solutions but we provide the full end-to-end solution — from Business Case, Design, Deployment, Testing, Commissioning and post deployment support.


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    Versatile and flexible radio network design
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    Reliable and secure remote data communication
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    Reduced total cost of operating wireless radio network