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    Achieving Asset Performance Excellence

    Achieving Asset Performance Excellence

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Achieving Asset Performance Excellence

Operating with the highest levels of efficiency, reliability and safety is a top priority for utilities. Traditional asset management strategies are too limiting for today's performance-based business environment. A key part of achieving reliability and efficiency goals is the implementation of asset performance management strategies, including predictive asset analytics solutions.

  • Solutions

    Asset Performance Management solutions from Schneider Electric deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time and in the right context to help our customers receive the greatest return on asset investments. Avantis PRiSM predictive asset analytics software provides early warning identification and diagnosis of equipment problems, allowing utilities to reduce failures, increase reliability and improve asset performance.

  • Value Proposition

    • Continuous online asset health and performance monitoring
    • Early warning notification of equipment problems (days, weeks, and months before traditional set points)
    • Offer both rule-based and machine learning analytics where changes in ambient or operational conditions are common
    • Advanced analysis and diagnostic capabilities allowing operators to spend less time looking for anomalies and more time planning corrective action
    • Reduce operation and maintenance costs and optimize resource planning
  • Differentiation

    • Equipment agnostic, Schneider Electric's software solutions integrate with any equipment type or manufacturer
    • Advanced machine learning capabilities for asset monitoring where the condition to monitor is not easily defined
    • User-friendly and intuitive, no programming or equipment knowledge is required
    • Fault diagnostic capabilities to get to the root of the problem causing the anomaly
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    • Reduce unscheduled downtime
    • Prevent equipment failures
    • Lower maintenance costs
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    • Increase asset utilization
    • Improve equipment reliability & availability
    • Identify underperforming assets
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    • Extend equipment life
    • Improve environmental & safety compliance
    • Increase productivity & resource utilization
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