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    Taking to the skies

    Modernizing an airport’s electrical distribution- from parking to departure- without delays

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    Medium Voltage and Energy Automation Products

    From medium voltage switchgear and transformers to energy automation, we deliver specific solutions for utilities, oil and gas, mining, data centers, and critical buildings, covering all power distribution needs for energy management.

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    Smart Utility ebook

    How can smart utilities use big data to manage assets? Are smart grids myth or reality? How are renewables balanced? Find these answers and more about prosumers, microgrids, and network security in our ebook.

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    Face the challenges of the energy industry by the hand of our experts.

    Not only do demand response and microgrids let consumers actively participate in energy markets, but utilities need smart grid solutions that interconnect all market players to balance and manage a network's supply and demand complexity.

    Let us help you with this transformation.
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      An Information Quest with Wonderware eDNA Join James Kelloway & Régis Vautrin as they highlight the operational benefits of using “Wonderware eDNA real-time data historian” software to monitor the UK transmission system. Watch how the historian has enabled National Grid's control engineers to detect emerging patterns and trends for both post-event analysis and in future planning.

      >Watch the webinar: An Information Quest with Wonderware eDNA.
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      Apps to boost your building efficiency Enter the world of digital applications and experience the peace of mind that these mobile apps bring, by boosting everyday efficiency for commercial and industrial buildings. Let our experts show you how to make the best of your medium voltage equipment management, for optimized training and maintenance.

      > Watch the webinar: Apps to boost your building efficiency.
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      Premset — The New Generation of MV Switchgear Hear about the innovative Shielded Solid Insulation System (2SIS) and its benefits compared to traditional metal-enclosed and metal-clad switchgear. Watch the webinar
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      Fixed vs. Withdrawable: What's the Difference? Discover tips on how to compare withdrawable applications with fixed/removable applications in medium voltage equipment. Watch the webinar
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      Bridging the Gap: North American vs. IEC Standards Learn the key difference between the two standards and how to decide which type of equipment is right for you. Watch the webinar
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      Gas-Insulated Switchgear Watch the webinar
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      How utilities can benefit of microgrids Microgrids represent a big opportunity for more flexibility, more renewable integration and a means to reinforce grid reliability. Find out the case of an islanding-enabled microgrid deployed in Texas (US) where our demand-side expertise was coupled with distributed generation flexibility and control for greener, cheaper and more reliable energy.

      Watch the webinar
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      Arc Flash Safety: Making Sense of the Newest Requirements Explore key changes in the National Electrical Code and how they impact worker safety and system design and operation. Watch the webinar
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      Facility Expansion: Key Strategies for Power Systems Learn how to design for equipment maintenance and maintainability, and how to incorporate "safety by design" principles into your process. Watch the webinar