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      Ensuring healthy and safe working conditions in the metals industry

      People Safety

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    The culture of safety

    Making safety an integrated part of the production and efficiency equation is no longer an option, it's a requirement, and everyone in the organization is responsible for promoting its culture.
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    Our Solutions for People Safety

    Why work with Schneider Electric

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      A single supplier for your safety needs

      Schneider Electric helps you address a wide variety of challenges around human and equipment safety.

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      Delivering best-in-class technologies

      From the best camera technology to the most advanced lightning detection systems, Schneider Electric delivers the solutions you need to protect your most valuable assets.


    • Blue Graph Down icon Lost-time frequency injury rate has decreased from 5 in 2004 to 1.4 in 2012.
    • Default Alternative Text Arc flash can reach temperatures of up to 30 000°F (16 600°C).
    • Blue plug icon 5 to 10 arc flash incidents occur in the US every day.
    • Default Alternative Text On average, injury litigation costs $10 to $15 million for general industrial incidents (US)