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    • Steel mill at night

      EcoStruxure™ for Metals: Process control and automation

      Bring added levels of production efficiency to your plant through our process automation, advanced process control, process simulation and operator training solutions.

    Process Automation and Control

    Process automation controllers and distributed control systems that bring together engineering, operations and maintenance for enhanced plant efficiency.

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    Solutions & Benefits

    Our control hardware and configuration software provides scalable solutions from simple equipment to complex processes. They provide seamless integration and transparency between all operations in a single configuration environment that delivers flexibility in the engineering, operations and maintenance of your automation system.

    > A single programming environment for plant design, operations and maintenance 

    > Open architecture with full transparency connecting the plant floor to business operations 

    > Highly available architecture with redundant capabilities and full Ethernet connectivity 

    > Embedded cybersecurity minimizes risks from attacks 

    > Powerful integration with Schneider power management solutions

    • ArcelorMittal – Dunkirk, France

      See how ArcelorMittal’s Dunkirk factory ensures more consistent quality with the Modicon M580 PAC from Schneider Electric.

    Process Optimization

    Optimize critical production processes, ensure consistent, high quality output, and reduce energy consumption.

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    Solutions & Benefits

    Advanced Process Control manages highly complex processes and allows them to function more closely to operating limits. It considers process dynamics, interactions, constraints, and economics to predict behavior and take corrective actions that reduce deviations in product quality.

    > Improve process efficiency 

    > Reduce energy consumption 

    > Increase product quality and throughput 

    > Helps operator decision-making

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    Dynamic Simulation for Engineering & Operator Training

    Unified process plant modeling environment covers the entire lifecycle of the plant, from simulation through system checkout, operator training and start up.

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    Solutions & Benefits

    Dynamic Simulation is a comprehensive computer-based process simulator that enables users to meet the challenges of designing and operating a modern process plant safely and profitably. By assisting in process design, controls checkout and control system design, Dynamic Simulation improves yield and reduces capital investment and the operator training simulator ensures safer operations while improving performance and productivity.

    > Validate your process design and save engineering and commissioning time 

    > Verify control systems before going on-line and avoid costly mistakes 

    > Train operators in a life-like plant environment 

    > Facilitate knowledge transfer

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    Virtual Reality Immersive Training Systems

    Interactive VR training environment for operators and field personnel.

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    Solutions & Benefits

    The virtual reality immersive Operator Training System (OTS) provides a high-fidelity virtual reality environment that mimics the actual plant, providing a realistic learning environment in which to train personnel. 

    Use it for procedural training, operator familiarization, safety response training, knowledge capture, or maintenance planning and improve the overall operations and safety of your plant.

    > Supports knowledge capture and transfer of best practices 

    > Increases operator and field personnel efficiency 

    > Reduces costly avoidable mistakes 

    > Helps prevent unnecessary maintenance and repairs

    • 50 years of process engineering

      Schneider Electric celebrates 50 years as the global leader of integrated software and solutions for process intensive industries worldwide.

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