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    Smart Supply chain

    Reinvent your supply chain for better control and easier compliance.

Supply Chain Optimization

Improve operational and strategic decisions for your supply chain’s efficiency and profitability.

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Solutions & Benefits

Apply our simulation software to your supply chain to improve operational and strategic decision-making by opening up new insights into the potential impact of decisions on your main performance indicators.

> Improve throughput and asset utilization
> Improve logistics and storage costs
> Increase visibility of all operations

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Product Information Management

Life science companies operate in a highly regulated environment. Operations are both data and document-intensive. Breaking silos within departments to share key information and make the best decisions possible, while dealing with vast amounts of data and information often housed within legacy systems is crucial.

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Solutions & Benefits

PIM eases data exchange between direct and indirect partners.

> Improve product data quality
> Increase global exchanges & data sharing
> Reduce time to market

Serialization & Authentication

The proliferation of counterfeit drugs is a big challenge for pharmaceutical companies as they struggle to protect the safety of their customers, the integrity of their brand, and, of course their sales. New regulations require that all items have unique identifiers defined based on Global Standards 1, or GS1.

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Solutions & Benefits

Schneider Electric’s serialization solution enables a drug to be identified and authenticated anywhere. The solution adheres to GS1 standards, providing aggregation at each point in the packaging hierarchy. It is part of an integrated suite allowing to have a complete traceability of the product journey in the distribution chain.

Comply with the regulations in different geographies with high speed, reliable and flexible site serialization solutions and much more.

End to End Traceability

With food safety being such a high visibility issue, F&B companies are tasked with having a much better handle on the traceability of their products, not only in their food processing factories but also across upstream and downstream supply chain processes.

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Solutions & Benefits

Track and trace solutions enable to address counterfeit prescription drugs, global compliance, and confirmation of end-to-end data integrity.

> Meet increasing regulations, safety concerns and legal challenges with solutions built on compliance-driven models to enable tracking and tracing functionality end-to-end, from manufacturing to the supply chain.