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      Financial Data Centers and Micro Data Centers

      Data centers and infrastructure must be reliable and secure for IT and digital banking.


    Smarter Financial Data Center Infrastructure

    Digitized products and systems for core and critical infrastructure


    Ensure reliable and continuous availability of IT and digital banking services in a cost-effective and highly secure manner.

    > Improve availability, capacity, density and efficiency of financial data centers.
    > Eliminate over-sizing and stranded capacity in data centers and improve speed, cost and performance.
    > Reduce operational risks and costs across the data center portfolio.


    Prefabricated Modules and Micro Data Centers

    From core data centers to edge computing, pre-engineered, prefabricated power, cooling and IT bundles for data centers and micro-data centers simplify the way data centers are designed, built and retrofit.


    Our modular approach to data center design increases consistency and reliability through standardization.

    > Standardized, repeatable performance at justifiable, repeatable cost
    > Factory-built and designed to minimize or eliminate single points of failure
    > Modules provide flexibility as well as tested, documented and validated reliability
    > Reduced engineering design effort, operator training time, and effort and time-to-deploy and service

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    Data Center Operational Efficiency

    Systems, software and services to ensure operation and improve efficiency.


    Operate your data center at peak efficiency with minimal operational risk.

    > Reduce CapEx and OpEx by leveraging and optimizing existing infrastructure.
    > Increase efficiency through monitoring and analysis of carbon footprint, PUE and energy usage.
    > Leverage a robust, scalable open software platform.