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    Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

    Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

  • Case Studies GreenLys – Full-scale Smart Grid demonstration

    GreenLys, a full-scale smart grid implementation involving approximately 1,000 residential customers and 40 commercial building sites integrates consumers, renewable and conventional energy sources, electric vehicles, and smart meters.

    GreenLys: how the smart grid gets smarter
    Aerial view of a smart city at night, smart buildings.
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The nature of electric service is changing. Energy, previously provided by utilities from large controllable generation sources, is continuing to rapidly transform into a combination of large scale renewable and conventional sources combined with local renewable generation, energy storage, and microgrids within distribution systems. Customers are seeking greater reliability and independence, and want to be more proactive in the way they consume, store, and produce energy.
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Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Solutions

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    Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS) allow utilities to manage and optimize local energy usage, improve peak shaving capabilities, and shift consumption from peak to off-peak to avoid high energy costs.

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    Microgrids increase reliability for consumers and allow utilities to meet increased demand, improve flexibility via additional demand response options, and incorporate renewables in a more reliable way when combined with distributed generation and energy storage systems.


  • Blue Graph up icon Proven experience implementing DERMS, DG, and microgrids.
  • Default Alternative Text Turnkey engineering, procurement and construction services.
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  • Default Alternative Text Enable optimization of energy from these new technologies.