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      Cloud & Colocation Service Providers

      Solving end-to-end business challenges for service providers.

    • Schneider Electric and Internap present: Co-location in Atlanta

      Providing data center infrastructure, co-location, and edge computing services to a wide scope of clients, Internap has built its reputation on speed, agility, and expertise. See how Schneider Electric’s scalable solutions are working for them at their headquarters in Atlanta.

    • Bluebird Network and Schneider Electric: Data Center Expansion 85' Below the Surface

      BlueBird Network needed to overcome space challenges for their new data center expansion. Learn how we helped them overcome these challenges 85 feet below the surface!

    • IronGate: Bringing Scalable and Efficient Cooling to the Colo Case Study

      How In-Row Cooling from Schneider Electric helped differentiate IronGate in the competitive multi-tenant data center market.

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    • DataBank: A 'Cool' Colocation Facility

      DataBank needed a cost-effective solution that would be able to maintain their rigorous design, testing, and maintenance standards to ensure the availability of critical applications and information assets. Now, the data center colocation facility is keeping cool and becoming more efficient with data center solutions from Schneider Electric.

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      Your ability to successfully compete and differentiate yourself in the colocation market starts with addressing and overcoming unique business pressures including: preservation of capital, total cost of ownership, operational risk, speed-to-market, and marketability.
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      Our Cloud & Data Center Service Provider Solutions

      Ending data center complexity by succeeding with simplicity.

      Data Center Reference Designs

      Browse the Schneider Electric library of reference designs to select, compare and choose the optimal design to meet your data center needs.
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      Data Center Resource Library

      Visit the Schneider Electric Data Center Resource Library - a single platform providing comprehensive insight on all data center related topics.
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      Why work with Schneider Electric

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        End the Complexity

        Our service providers have the resources and talent to design, build, commission, operate, and maintain today’s state of the art data centers. Our approach is unparalleled in the industry, and challenges the current model by bringing together a strong portfolio of hardware, services, and software, with unique business programs to deliver the exact partnership you need.

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        Succeed with Simplicity

        Not only do we have the means to fully develop today's state of the art data centers, but we can also help you preserve capital, reduce total cost of ownership, manage operational risk, and accelerate speed-to-market at every step of the way.


      • Default Alternative Text Schneider Electric employs over 11,000 engineers and technical data center experts.
      • Default Alternative Text Our service providers can design and build your data center at a fixed cost/MW.
      • Default Alternative Text We are licensed in over 40 states for design and build.
      • Default Alternative Text Schneider Electric manufactures over 70% of products required to build, operate, and maintain a data center.
      • Default Alternative Text Schneider Electric invests over $1 billion in solutions research and development year over year.