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    Here's How We Can Help

    Reliable, integrated cooling – from chiller and economizer plants to computer room air conditioners – tackles the issues head on to lower costs and reduce downtime risk.

    Every piece of IT equipment that consumes power produces an equivalent amount of heat. Our efficient, flexible, and reliable solutions help tackle growing demands as more IT equipment is added to existing sites. We provide all levels of heat removal for different sized rooms and applications.

    Whether you’re building a new data center, retrofitting, or modernizing, we’ll help you achieve a healthy data center environment with our data center cooling solutions.

    • Integrated in-row and in-room cooling
    • Supports higher-density IT equipment
    • Eliminates hot spots
    • Avoids premature equipment failure
    • Prevents system crashes, random reboots
    • Efficient, flexible, and reliable

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  • EcoAisle: Flexibility Meets Innovation

    EcoAisle delivers the most value making it the best choice for hot and cold aisle containment.

    Thermal Containment
  • DataBank: A 'Cool' Colocation Facility

    This colo facility is keeping cool and being more efficient with cooling solutions from Schneider.

    Choosing the Best Option for Data Center Cooling

    High density and variable density IT equipment create conditions that traditional data center cooling was never intended to address. This paper describes improved cooling methods, and provides guidance on when to use each type for most next generation data centers.
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