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    Software & Services

    Enabling a more efficient and cost-effective data center through award-winning software and highly skilled people.

Critical Facilities Management

Bridge the facilities and IT gap, optimize information flow, and leverage the full insight available with a comprehensive view across multiple infrastructure domains by integrating disparate software systems.

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Our Critical Facility Management integrates two components of the EcoStruxure™ architecture – EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert, which provides power monitoring, control, and analysis, and EcoStruxure Building Operations, which monitors and controls facility energy, fire, and HVAC.

This integration enables intelligent, comprehensive insight into data center infrastructure for both electrical and mechanical systems.


Critical Facility Management seamlessly integrates the strengths of  power monitoring and business operation.

> Intelligent, comprehensive insight into the facility infrastructure for both electrical and mechanical systems

> Integrated user experience with EcoStruxure Building Operation and EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert

  • Watching your Watts with EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert - Data Center Edition

    Do you need a clear view into every watt that goes in and out of your data center? Do you want software designed from the ground up to help decrease unplanned outages, optimize power loads, improve efficiency, and enable pay-per-use billing? Look no further, it's all here in the EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert - Data Center Edition, part of the EcoStruxure software suites from Schneider Electric.

  • The Edge

    Building the world’s most sustainable office building involves leveraging the best and the latest technologies. The Edge in Amsterdam, head office of Deloitte Netherlands, knows this first hand. Using a range of Schneider Electric offers, including its EcoStruxure Solution, they have succeeded in setting a new global benchmark for energy efficient commercial office environments while prioritizing the satisfaction and well-being of its employees.

    Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

    Cloud and service providers require software to collect, manage, and analyze data about their IT assets, resource use and operational status to meet business objectives and KPIs. Schneider Electric’s Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) addresses this need by managing data center assets and optimizing operational and capital costs.

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    White space management that integrates two components of the EcoStruxure Architecture: Data Center Expert (DCE), which manages IT room and Data Center Operations (DCO) and IT room assets.

    This integration enhances infrastructure agility and manageability, data availability, and optimizes IT asset utilization.


    Our offer seamlessly integrates the strengths of Data Center Expert and Data Center Operation to track, visualize, and manage assets for intelligent analytics.

    > Infrastructure Agility and Manageability:  Monitor capacity and plan changes for IT equipment with accurate graphical representation of equipment

    > Data Availability: Gain transparency to data center KPIs

    > Optimization: Optimize IT asset utilization and power consumption to help reduce costs

    • Leveraging Software for an Optimized Data Center

      Joel Stone, VP of Global Data Center Operations for CenturyLink talks about how his organization leverages DCIM for capacity planning and monitoring to gain operational efficiencies.

    • T5 Data Centers

      In any data center, DCIM brings varied business benefits such as operational efficiency, reduced risk and capacity management/planning. Watch as Craig McKesson, Executive Vice President of Enterprise Services at T5 Data Centers, explains why in a colocation facility, DCIM also allows for added transparency that is paramount in ensuring customers have a more reliable and cost effective means to enable their IT strategies.

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    • Compass Datacenters delivers a more efficient and cost effective solution for customers

      StruxureWare for Data Centers helps simplify & optimize operations.

      Read the case study
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      Life Cycle Services

      Complete service solution to make your data center available, efficient, and safe throughout its life cycle.

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      Life Cycle Services span the entire data center life cycle, including planning, designing, building, operating and assessing.



      Cloud and Service Providers customers can get support at any phase, from initial assessment through facility operations and maintenance. Whether you require services in one phase or throughout the life cycle, our solutions are customized to your business needs.

      > Increased Uptime: Customers can focus on their core business

      > Lower TCO: Optimization of maintenance program, application of cost saving initiatives, and continuous innovation

      > Scalable: Through standards-based, quality-driven global capabilities

      • The Data Center Life Cycle

        Life can be hard but running your data center doesn't have to be-- at least when you use Schneider Electric's Data Center Life Cycle Services.

      • ECOFIT - Modernization of Switchboards

        Replace or update old equipment to extend its lifecycle and enhance its availability and operational reliability. Schneider Electric ECOFIT helps implement your best-in-class solution.

      • Design-build services from Schneider Electric

        A trusted partnership helps LightEdge Solutions meet its customers’ data center needs and supports digital transformation.

      • Modernization Services - Episode 1 - Say Goodbye to My Protonic Compensator

        Your UPS is an investment — a critical part of your infrastructure — so keep it reliable with an affordable upgrade from Schneider Electric™. Our comprehensive Modernization Services rejuvenate your aging equipment and mitigate downtime.

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        Digital Services

        We open the door to a new generation of connected services through our Digital Services Solution.

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        There are several approaches to continuously operate facilities, including Remote Monitoring, Building Analytics and Asset Performance Management.

        These approaches can be used separately or together to meet the unique needs of a colocation facility.


        Digitized, connected services to keep your systems up and running at optimal performance.

        > Reduction of operational and management complexity while freeing up internal resources

        > Customized real-time reporting

        > Fully secure services

        • Digital service: what’s in it for you?

          Know data center events before they happen by fine-tuning your expert sensory perception (ESP) through the cloud-based StruxureOn Network Operations Center and smart phone app with live chat capabilities.

          Learn more
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        • Remote Monitoring Service

          Remote Monitoring Service, referred to as RMS, is a secure 24-hour monitoring service that keeps your system up and running at optimal performance.