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      StruxureWare™ Building Expert

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      Balancing efficiency with facility constraints

      Optimal building efficiency requires a solution powered by flexibility and reliability. Seamless control of HVAC, lighting and metering is crucial to reduce waste and protect the bottom line. Smaller buildings have never had such a solution ... until now.

      • Solutions

        Powering SmartStruxure Lite, StruxureWare Building Expert delivers programmable control and 24/7 monitoring of HVAC, lighting, and metering. A non-license-fee software, it reduces energy waste without compromising comfort for small and medium buildings.

      • Value Proposition

        • Scalable, allowing you to dd additional applications incrementally.
        • A 'plug and play' design ensures the applications will connect seamlessly.
        • Open standards enable flexibility for virtually any system.
      • Differentiation

        • Local and remote monitoring and control.
        • Fully programmable, using either scripting or graphical programming.
        • Access and control data inputs/outputs for your integrated devices.
        • Standalone solution, or integration into larger building management systems.
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      Smart Energy Management for Any Size Building

      Smart energy management for any size building isn't just available, it’s scalable through
      Schneider Electric's building solution portfolio offer:

      • Simple, yet efficient, HVAC management through application-specific room controllers.
      • Wireless technology for central visibility of HVAC systems through SmartStruxure Lite solution.
      • Integrated lighting control and occupancy sensors ensures proactive energy management.
      • Visibility and control across your multi-site enterprise via the cloud-based Building Insights solution.
      • Scalability for seamless integration into larger building management systems.
      • Field Services offers reporting, analytics and optimization strategies.
      • Full integration of HVAC and lighting into a hotel property management system for guestroom control.


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        Explorer Tab: Single Network Configuration Page

        • MPM configuration objects in a single page, reducing time and clicks on system setup.
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        Explorer Tab: Scheduler Object

        • Set events according to the time and day, and tie events to building schedules.
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        Explorer Tab: Scripting Tool

        • Open language "Lua" and supports real-time response to scripting.
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        Explorer Tab: Graphical Programming Tool

        • Drag and drop function blocks to build control sequences.
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        Monitoring Tab: Dashboards

        • See temperature and lighting relay readings, as well as energy consumption.