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    For all aspects of your substation construction, upgrade and expansion projects, up to 345kV

    Engineering, Procurement and Construction

  • Solutions

    Our services include construction means, methods, techniques, sequences, procedures, and programs such as temporary utilities or facilities, fencing, signs, scaffolding, barricades, and project cleanup.
    > Engineering Services
    • Substation layout, elevation drawings, and oil containment
    • Design services
    • » Civil and structural design
      » Protection and control system design
      » Control house design
      » Conduit and trench design
      » Grounding system design
    • Equipment sizing and specification
    • Power system analytical studies
    • » Overcurrent coordination
      » Time-current coordination analysis
      » Arc flash analysis
      » Motor starting analysis
      » Ground-grid analysis
      » Stability studies
    • Power factor correction and harmonic filter design
    > Utility Coordination
    This critical function coordinates the requirements between a variety of project participants such as electric utilities, co-ops, and municipalities.

    > Procurement and Project Management
    Our offer includes developing specifications, releasing requests for quote for major equipment purchases, evaluating bids, ordering equipment, and providing complete project management services.

    > Installation Services
    As part of our turnkey solution, Schneider Electric Services provides the necessary labor, equipment, and supervision for a streamlined project.
    • Transmission towers and substation bus
    • Steel structures
    • Transmission breakers and switches
    • Transformers
    • » Haul and install/dress out/hot oil fill
    • Isolated-phase bus
    • Switchgear and distribution breaker instrumentation
    • » Category 5/fiber/multiconductor cabling
    • SF6 equipment
    • Grounding systems
    • » Ground grids/detection/relaying
    • UPS and battery systems
    • Control and substation automation
    • Duct banks and cabling
    • » MV and HV cables
    > Civil Work
    These services include surveying, right-of-way development and clearing, foundations, piers, placing transmission tower foundations, drainage, roadway work, ground grids, and guy wires.

    > Solar Power Systems
    Schneider Electric also offers a variety of solar project solutions including: solar power conversion substations, photovoltaic box (PV box), design and build of grid-tie substations, and complete turnkey capabilities.
Electrical station, energy access, power management.


Let Schneider Electric Services be your trusted single point of contact for all of your substation needs.