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    Obsolete Breakers: Debunking Common Misconceptions

    Are obsolete circuit breakers safe? Are they cost-effective? Learn the reality of common myths.

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    Maximum performance. Minimum wait.

    With LAZER Low Voltage Direct Replacement Program, pre-built kits can be available within seven days.

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    Direct Replacement Circuit Breakers

    Learn more about this easy upgrade solution for LV / MV applications

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    • Solutions

      Our direct replacement upgrade solutions feature new circuit breakers designed to fit into the existing cubicle with little-to-no modification to the switchgear cell. A direct replacement upgrade solution reduces downtime since there is minimal (if any) outage on the equipment bus. All direct replacements are designed and tested to meet or exceed IEEE/ANSI C37.59 standards. We carry over 150 low- and medium-voltage circuit breaker designs across all brands including:

      • ABB
      • Eaton
      • Federal Pacific
      • GE
      • Siemens
      • Square D™

      Low-Voltage Direct Replacement Circuit Breakers

      • This solution features Masterpact™ NW/NT circuit breakers with connectivity capabilities
      • A standard Masterpact cradle is installed into an adapter cradle to form one assembly, which is then installed into the switchgear cubicle
      • This cradle-in-cradle assembly locks into place and remains in the switchgear cell after the initial installation
      • The new Masterpact circuit breaker with state of the art Mircologic™ trip units racks in and out of the adapter cradle
      • A new door is installed, however cell interlocks, the racking mechanism and the switchgear structure are not modified

      Watch this video to learn more about this upgrade solution

      Medium-Voltage Direct Replacement Circuit Breakers

      • This solution features Magnum™ circuit breakers with connectivity capabilities
      • Designed to fit into an existing switchgear cell without modification
      • Magnum™ circuit breakers will correctly interface with the existing compartment cell and maintain safety interlocks built-in the original equipment design

      Watch this video to learn more about this upgrade solution

    • Differentiation

      • Our cost-effective switchgear upgrade solutions will upgrade your electrical system to current technology.
      • Downtime is minimal compared with the demolition and replacement of existing electrical equipment.
      • May allow ease of interchangeability between different OEM switchgear within same facility.


    Why upgrade?

    • Electrical low voltage upgrade solutions direct replacement
      Having aged or obsolete breakers can put your facility at risk. Enhance safety by upgrading to new technology offering monitoring and connectivity capabilities.
    • Electrical Medium voltage upgrade solutions direct replacement
      Reduce costs in your maintenance budget by upgrading to more reliable and higher performing equipment.
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      Little to no downtime for installation and OpEx funds can be used for upgrading your electrical system.
    • GE PowerVac Direct Replacement: Upgrade your aging GE circuit breaker.

      Improve the reliability of your existing medium voltage switchgear with solutions designed for GE applications.

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