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      Managed Maintenance Service

      The leading cause of downtime is human error. Mitigate risks by performing services according to strict protocols and under direct supervision by an expert.

    • Enhanced control over service activities

      Multi-vendor service contract management, plus on-site maintenance support that enforces strict protocols during the times when your facility is exposed to the greatest amount of risk.

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    Site-specific knowledge at your disposal

    We’ll provide a highly trained data center expert on-site during maintenance events to supervise the work activity using a detailed Method of Procedure (MOP) and following strict protocols. Their site specific knowledge allows them to offer recommendations for improvements and cost reductions.


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      A single point of contact for managing multi-vendor service contracts (See benefits of Vendor Management Service)
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      Dedicated Technical Specialist to analyze maintenance effectiveness and identify potential risks
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      Risk mitigation through development, implementation and continuous improvement of site-specific maintenance procedures
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      Direct oversight of scheduled procedures by on-site technician to ensure best practices and process conformance
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      A technician dispatched to oversee execution of emergency corrective maintenance, in the event of an emergency
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      Quarterly reporting and business reviews to provide analysis and recommendations for efficiency and reliability enhancements

    Our Managed Maintenance Services include:

    • Vendor Management Service

      A single point of contact to help you provision, coordinate and execute services across all critcal infrastructure disciplines, using both OEM and third-party maintenance vendors
    • Periodic Site Inspections

      Identifies deficiencies and opportunities for site improvements.
    • On-Site Project Management

      Reduces risk of error during service execution through strict oversight and enforcement of documented processes and procedures.
    • Change Management

      Risk mitigation through development, implementation and continuous improvement of and quality systems review of site specific Methods of Procedure (MOPs).
    • Quarterly Business Review

      Ensures client satisfaction through regular updates on service activities, outcomes, and recommended courses of action.
    • Service Trending Report

      Provides client with service-related data to enable more efficient data center operation and effective budgeting.
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