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    Building Management Services

    Building Analytics Managed Services

    Cloud-based building analytics provides actionable intelligence with clear system-level priorities.

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You need to optimize your building operations by making fact-based improvements

Being able to pinpoint which systems and equipment have irregularities — to identify and prioritize cost-saving opportunities allows you to make smarter operating decisions. With technology driven solutions, Schneider Electric will help you to completely understand why building issues are happening and how to remedy these situations.
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    Building Analytics converts the data created by your building management system into actionable intelligence, enabling you to identify and prioritize cost-saving opportunities, threats to occupant comfort and mechanical system inefficiencies.

    As part of the managed service offering, our extensive diagnostics library can be customized to your specific sequences and systems. Built on a scalable architecture, the Building Analytics system can be used for one or multiple facilities across your portfolio.

    Identify faults to proactively address building inefficiencies with EcoStruxure™ Building Advisor service plans with building analytics.

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  • Our Advantage

    Only Schneider Electric delivers automated daily portfolio diagnostic summaries of equipment and system inefficiencies ranked by cost, comfort, energy, and maintenance.

    Our building analytics provide expert guidance with clear and prioritized recommendations that are based on statistical analysis, performance trending, and automated diagnostics to improve the well being of your building.

    Optimize operations by making fact-based improvements that are proven to lower energy costs, extend equipment life, and improve tenant comfort — making a positive and measurable impact on your bottom line.

Benefits of Using Building Analytics

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    Cost-effectively monitor facilities for fast resolution
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    Improve occupant comfort
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    Increased facility reliability and availability
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    Turn unused building data into actionable information
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    Create more environmentally friendly, high performance buildings
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    Reduce major equipment energy expenditures typically by 15 to 30%
  • Boston Scientific Schneider Electric is helping Boston Scientific ensure its facilities are running at peak operating performance to minimize energy waste and promote a sustainable culture and environment. Making the data work is an important part of that goal. Learn more
  • The Smart Aquarium Schneider Electric is helping the John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois (U.S.), achieve their vision for sustainability and energy savings through our optimization solution, Building Analytics. Learn about optimizing buildings using analytics

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