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      Building Life Cycle Services

      EcoStruxure™ Building Advisor Optimization Service Solutions

      Use cutting-edge technology and actionable information obtained from building system data to increase energy savings, improve reliability, and enhance building comfort.

    Busy retail shopping malls are smart buildings

    Your building is dynamic and interacting with the occupants and their needs in different ways

    This means that building systems are always changing, creating new opportunities for gradual wear and failure. Remote monitoring keeps a constant watch on these systems to identify issues so that your maintenance team can address them, often before your occupants even know.

    Building Optimization Service Solutions

    Analyze building management system data to ensure maximum efficiency

    • The Smart Aquarium

      Schneider Electric is helping the John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois (U.S.), achieve their vision for sustainability and energy savings through our optimization solution, Building Analytics.

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    • Smart Building Service Plans Which service plan is right for you?

      Learn about our state-of-the-art service plans that maintain the balance between cost, risk, and asset value. Providing a proactive approach and responsive support, Smart Building Service Plans are our solution to your changing needs.

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      Why Work With Schneider Electric

      • EcoXpert icon Actionable Intelligence With Expert Guidance Using advanced tools, we're able to provide remote monitoring solutions that notify you of impending problems, ensuring that the comfort of your facility is maintained.
      • Services icon Actionable Information to Manage Costs Our cost-effective remote monitoring solutions detect problems before they occur, and help maximize savings and performance.