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      Sustainable Operations

      Today, organizations have to deal with more challenges than ever before to be sustainable. They must achieve a balance between risks and objectives.

    Pursuit of a corporate sustainability-focused operation

    72% of corporations are actively pursuing sustainable operations using clean energy. Corporate energy buyers and sustainability managers are under more pressure than ever to navigate these areas due to customer pressure, risk mitigation against future energy prices and a desire to lower overall energy spend. To achieve these goals, a diversified energy strategy is key for commercial and industrial buyers in today’s evolving energy landscape.

    We facilitate corporate sustainability behavior changes

    As the number of renewable and sustainable options increase in the market, the easier it is for the business community to operate more sustainably and lower energy costs. However, navigating the complex landscape can be a formidable task.

    Your corporate sustainability return-on-investment

    > Plan strategically across the enterprise value chain
    > Optimize resource and energy savings
    > Conduct custom research and market analysis

    > Manage data with cloud-based, energy and sustainability software
    > Track, benchmark and forecast key sustainability metrics
    • AEG adds sustainable Innovation At Every Level

      Discover how Schneider Electric provided innovation at every level to make AEG a more profitable and sustainable company.

      Achieve a true sustainable operation

      Whether you’ve already begun down the journey toward a sustainable operation or you’re just getting started, your organization knows corporate sustainability is the future. With key sustainability metrics at your fingertips and a roadmap to achieve your future sustainable goals, you are optimally situated to achieve a solid return-on-investment while delighting your stakeholders with real results from sustainable actions.

      Real-life, tangible corporate sustainability results

      > $3M saved by diversifying energy portfolio and buying renewable energy
      > 40% reduced energy usage led to $40M energy savings

      > 3.5 million kWh reduced with recommended packaging improvements
      > $600k energy savings with implemented conservation measures
      • The science of setting climate targets

        Forward-thinking companies are leading the way to a low-carbon future by setting targets aligned with climate science. Here's a guide on how to get started

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      • CASE STUDY, Veterans Affairs saves $1M annually and achieves sustainability goals

        See how we're helping the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs achieve its sustainability goals.

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      • Download your reporting compliance 2017 calendar

        Don’t miss a deadline with this practical reporting and compliance calendar.

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        Achieve more energy and sustainability success

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        Our energy and sustainability experts are ready to assist you in building a sustainability strategy today.
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